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  1. Coasters
    I'm attempting to envisage the structures in the stern section of this ship - working upwards from what remains in the Solway sands some 85 years after she was wrecked. This winter's storms are uncovering (and reburying) a surprising amount of the ship still in situ, after she was cut up for...
  2. Histories
    I am writing a historical novel, which concerns a fictional hospital/troop-ship in the Adriatic at the beginning of 1916. For my narrative to work, my fictitional coal-fired ship needs to develop a fault which will partially disable it but still allow it to make headway, even if at reduced...
  3. M.V. Pluto-(IMO 5280007; O.No.183678)-(Bristol Steam Navigation)

    General Cargo, Motor Vessel Pluto, launched, by Mrs. Charles Lovell, (wife of the then, Managing Director of Bristol Steam Navigation Company (Shipowners), Limited), on Tuesday, 23/08/1949, to yard number 357, by Charles Hill and Sons Limited, Albion Yard, Bristol, and completed and delivered...
  4. Steam Trawler Kingston Peridot, H591, IMO No:5187956; Official No:181356

    Steam Trawler Kingston Peridot, H591, launched, Saturday, 10/07/1948, to yard number 797, by Cook, Welton and Gemmell Limited, Beverley, and completed and delivered, Thursday, 25/11/1948, to Kingston Steam Trawling Company Limited, Hull, registered, Thursday, 25/11/1948, at Hull: Gross...
  5. TSS Alsatia-(5373270)-(Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd.) leaving Clyde Estuary-19

    Cargo-Passenger, Turbine Steam Ship, Alsatia, launched Saturday, 29/11/1947, to yard number 652, by J.L. Thompson and Sons Limited, North Sands, Sunderland, as the Turbine Steam Ship Silverpane, and completed and delivered, September 1948, to Silver Line Limited, London, (S. and J. Thompson and...
  6. Steam Tug Prizeman (United Towing Company Ltd) at Hull 1963

    Steam Tug Prizeman, ordered, Monday, 16/03/1925, launched Tuesday, 07/07/1925, by Cochrane and Sons Limited, Selby, to yard number 981, and completed and delivered Thursday, 05/11/1925, to United Towing Company Limited, Hull; Gross Registered Tonnage: 226; Net Registered Tonnage: 76; 30.48 x...
  7. Steamy Shieldhall

    Shieldhall backs away from her berth.
  8. Shieldhall 25th Anniversary Cruise

    Shieldhall has just cast off her lines and is ready to depart on her 25th Anniversary in Preservation cruise.
  9. Shieldhall early departure

    Shieldhall making an early departure from Southampton en route for Weymouth
  10. Challenge

    Preserved steam tug Challenge alongside in Southampton
  11. Freshspring

    Former Admiralty water carrier, now on a mud berth on the Severn estuary awaiting restoration. Still retains much of her original equipment and steam engines.
  12. Wattle restoration as at Feb 2013

    Restoration of the Wattle proceeds and we should have her back in the water by end of 2013. New shell plating and frames up to the engine room has been completed. Stern section is main focus for this year. A long haul not possible without the support of volunteers and interested enterprises. Any...
  13. Tug Mayflower

    The boiler of the steam Tug Mayflower at Bristol City Dock
  14. Tug Mayflower

    The engine of the Steam Tug Mayflower
  15. Raphael Semmes

    Built: 1942 Owner/operator: Coastal Ship Corporation Flag: USA Length overall: 450 x 72 ft Gross tonnage: 9014 Deadweight tonnage: 7947 Engines: 2 x steam turbines The first container ship? Complete with moving gantry for loading/discharging own cargo.
  16. Steam Yacht Preana and steam crane Hobart 2011

    I am relying on SN members to provide some detail here. I do not have the name of the launch, and she might even be diesel powered. Scene is the wooden boat festival Hobart 2011. The preserved steam crane is a feature of the wharf. Thanks to Nicko for identifying her as the Preana. Follow the...
  17. Wattle restoration progress Oct 2010

    Having removed the concrete ballast from the forward section extensive corrosion of the frames and hull plates was revealed. After considerable angst a decision was made to cut out the affected sections below waterline and replace the cold rivetted parts with welded ones. The photo shows...
  18. Removing frame 37 from the Wattle

    Frame 37 being removed from the Wattle. This will serve as a template as we consider the options on how to manufacture new ones. Prefab welded frames is one option. Cost and availability of manufacturing capability are key issues.
  19. Preparing prop removal from the Wattle

    The restoration program for the steam tug Wattle is proceeding. In this photo the cone has been removed and the propellor is being prepared for removal from the shaft - to occur most likely next weekend. All this work is performed by volunteers, most of us retired. Looking at a two year...
1-20 of 32 Results