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  1. STEEL

    Products tanker STEEL alongside Imperial Oil dock, Halifax, N.S. on 5 October 2017.
  2. Steel

    Flag UK. At anchor Valparaiso 31 Jan. 2012
  3. SS Robin arriving Port of Tilbury

    SS Robin arrives safely to Port of Tilbury, having departed Lowestoft the previous day - and making the journey shortly after her 120th anniversary
  4. Steel deck cargo

    One of the BI C class ships rolling at sea with a deck cargo of steel.
  5. Steel

    Pusher/barge Steel was built in 1986 as Finn. In 1990 she was pushing Baltic -barge in heavy seas, when the iron ore cargo got wet and the unit capsized. The vessel kept floating upside down with an air hole in the engine room. The chief engineer and chief mate kept on knocking with hammer...
  6. Ajax

    The high earning, hard working Campbeltown steel built Ajax INS.168, at Oban. Unfortunately, decommissioned and scrapped in Denmark,in 2005.
1-6 of 6 Results