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  1. Stena Adventurer

    Stena Adventurer - Dublin Bay
  2. Stena Adventurer

    Stena Adventurer - Dublin Bay
  3. "Express Aphrodite" in Piraeus

    "Express Aphrodite" in Piraeus Port in 2005.
  4. The bow of Express Aphrodite

    The bow of Express Aphrodite. The photo was taken in 2005 in a route from Sifnos to Pireaus, via Milos Island.
  5. In Piraeus Port

    In the Port of Piraeus in 2005. Express Aphrodite and next to her is Express Poseidon (ex: Saint Patrick and Saint Colum 1). Both ships were travelling for Hellenic Sea Ways, but at that moment Express Poseidon was ready to sail fror scrap.
  6. "Express Aphrodite" in Sifnos

    "Express Aphrodite" in Easter of 2005. The port of Sifnos is not very suitable for such a big ship (especially with south wind), but "Express Aphrodite" approved excellent in manoeuvring. In the day of the photo the weather was very good.
  7. "Express Aphrodite in Sifnos"

    The famous "Express Aphrodite" is approaching Sifnos Port in Easter of 2005. It's a pity that she left for Red Sea. The ex "St Columba", "Stena Hibernia" and "Stena Adventurer" is a real great ship.
  8. Stena Adventurer

    Stena Adventurer in Dublin - taken from bridge of Irish Ferries "Ulysses".
1-8 of 8 Results