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  1. Stena Jutlandica, rear

    Seen leaving Gotenburg. The rear looks strange as there is an open car deck. Picture taken from "Stena Scandinavica"
  2. Stena Jutlandica

    Seen leaving the harbour of Gotenburg on 04-07-2011. Picture taken from "Stena Scandinavica" on wich I was travelling from Kiel (Germany) to Gotenburg
  3. Stena Superfast VII

    S.S VII leaving Loch Ryan terminal on maiden voyage to Belfast
  4. Stena Nordica

    She sailed from Falmouth on 06-12-2009 for Dublin. Regular run between Dublin and Hollyhead
  5. Stena Nordica

    She is finishing drydocking in Falmouth and soon will proceed to Dublin. She is sailing usually between Dublin and Hollyhead.
  6. Stena Nordica

    Baltic Sea 2006/07

  8. Cerdic Ferry

    Blue down the Waterway
  9. Cerdic Ferry

    Orange up the Waterway to Rotterdam
1-9 of 9 Results