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stirling islay

  1. Islay arrival in Baku

    Islay arrival in Baku

    Islay arrives Baku June 2003. Decked out in bunting to receive the great and the good. Now under the management of BUE Caspian
  2. Refitting Wheelhouse

    Refitting Wheelhouse

    Islay's wheelhouse refitted in Astrakhan
  3. Islay departs

    Islay departs

    Islay departs under tow from Tuzla, April 2003 bound for Caspian Sea
  4. Sponsons in place

    Sponsons in place

    For'd sponsons ready to be fitted on ex Stirling Islay, before being towed to Caspian Sea
  5. Wheelhouse on maindeck

    Wheelhouse on maindeck

    Removed wheelhouse on main deck. Ex Stirling Islay. Tuzla, prior to transit to Caspian Sea
  6. Wheelhouse removal

    Wheelhouse removal

    ex Stirling Islay has bridge removed, in Tuzla, prior to transit to Caspian via Black Sea, R. Don, Don-Volga Canal and R. Volga