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  1. Port of Stockholm

    Dockers going home maybe, or else the gypsies of the sea ready for a tour on the town, ciggies in one breast pockets, stack of strange money in the other, and a will to spend it all.
  2. Stockholm

    Ferries and cruise ships The ferry on the left is the Sandhamns Express. On the right Strømma Kanal, behind her Prins Gustaf. The cruise ships are not named.
  3. Stockholm

    Stadtgården and Strømmen from Katarinavagen. (that is where it is in Stockholm)
  4. Stockholm

    Ponton pier by Slussen, in the background Sødermalm
  5. Stockholm

    The ship is the Wasaborg owned by Svea Rederier, Stockholm. Built 1913 by the Oskarshamn yard, Sold to breakers 1961.
  6. Stockholm

    Visby is the name of the ship behind the ferry. She plies a route between Stockholm and Gotland. Wikipedia has a few facts in Swedish and a nice photo: The ferry ferries people between "Sandham" (wherever that is) and the islands in the Stockholm...
  7. Stockholm

    Stockholm 1936, unknown ship
  8. Stockholm

    Ship Carinthia (It says Carynthia, but I doubt that - I will look it up). Yes it is Cunard's Carinthia. My posting is severely cropped, the original has the Kungsholm on the left side, but it went over two pages, and that makes it difficult to make a good copy.
  9. Stockholm

    Stockholm 1936, ships Atlantis and Orontes
  10. Stockholm

    Stockholm 1936, ship Strathnaver
  11. Stockholm

    Stocholm at dusk
  12. Stockholm

    Andreas Feininger photo from a book titled Stockholm and published 1936. Newsprint it seems.

    Another photo and description here:
  14. Stockholm

    The one on the right is a dock worker, the two on the left may be from the local Tourist Board. Should help to cheer us up on another wet and windy summer day in the UK.
  15. Stockholm

    Stockholm 28 July 2011
  16. Stockholm

    Panorama from August 1968 with Sagafjord to the left and bow of Oslofjord on right. Also in view two Bore Line ferries and one of Svea Line.
  17. Training Ship - Stockholm

    Training Ship - Stockholm, per my grandfather's slide, taken September 23, 1968, in Stockholm.
  18. Stockholm Strand

    September 23, 1968.
  19. Vaasa Museum, Stockholm

    Model showing the equipment and some of the vessels involved in the lifting of the Vaasa
  20. Stockholm

    Seen from tour coach various older and more modern ferries in the harbour
1-20 of 58 Results