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  1. Stokers.


    I believe the man is using a ''slicebar'' with which one removed ''clinkers.'' Either that or he is raking out the remnants of that or else ash.
  2. Workspace 2

    Workspace 2

    Stokehold of transatlatic steamer
  3. Titanics unsung heroes

    Titanics unsung heroes

    Acrylics on canvas board 30X20 inches An attempt to do something different on the Titanic theme
  4. Stokehold


    American terms 1918: A, ventilator. B, smoke box. C, smoke box door. D, safety valve casing gear. E, ventilator turning gear. F, stokehold ladder to fidley. G, furnace door. H, forward bulkhead watertight coal bunker door. I, air valve control lever. J, airtight ash pit door. K, fenders. L, casing a