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  1. Stolt Australia

    View for'd of Australian flagged chemical tanker MT "Stolt Australia". Built at Shimonoseki,1986. 2006 flagged out to Caymen Islands with Filipino crew to become "Stolt Acacia".
  2. "Stolt Australia"

    Wee bit of a roll in the Tasman Sea.
  3. Stolt Australia

    Seen here berthed at Risdon no 1 berth upstream from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia waiting to move forward a few meters to line up with the Acid valves so she can load Sulphuric Acid, she had to wait for the Iron Sturt to sail
  4. Stolt Australia

    Seen here berthed at Princes Wharf no 1 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia where she laid up for a week to undertake some repair work
  5. Stolt Australia

    Seen here approaching Macquaire Wharf no 2 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to lay up for a week for repairs before proceeding up to Risdon to load Acid
1-7 of 7 Results