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  1. A view of old Stonehaven

    Something else from the overhang of abandoned work. this has been leaning against walls for a couple of years now. One of those projects that seemed a good idea at the time, but which just ran into the sand and stalled. It came to mind recently and was finished before the critical faculties could ki
  2. Stonehaven

    RGIT FRC Training craft in Stonehaven harbour. Great course and great fun day and night :o) :o)
  3. Stonehaven

    In Stonehaven doing my first RGIT FRC Course, that`s when RGIT worked out of a couple of `pre fab huts` :o) :o) Great fun :o)
  4. Stonehaven

    This picture was taken in May 2002 when on a touring holiday of Scotland. As we were in Dumfries and Galloway I thought it might be good to see Stonehaven where one of the UK medium wave coast stations had been located. I had worked Stonehaven Radio (GND) many times when coasting. I never saw anythi
1-6 of 6 Results