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stork line

  1. mv Kora - 5

    mv Kora - 5

    This is 1 of last photo's i made of her in 1992 at the shipyard HVO, which now is changes into the new Norfolk Line terminal in vlaardingen. What happenned to Kora you can read at
  2. Kora - 4

    Kora - 4

    We used a 20'flat to lower pallets of beer into the ship. We had a addapted 20'flat with ramps on both sides so we could drive a car or forklifttruck onto it and lower it into the ship.
  3. MV Kora - 3

    MV Kora - 3

    Altough she would load containers , between the lines painted in lower hold, we would utilize any space for beer and cars.
  4. MV Kora-2

    MV Kora-2

    She would arrive wednesday PM and we would discharge her. Sometimes she left again to load big bags cement and come back.
  5. MV Kora - 1

    MV Kora - 1

    Build as Hannes Knuppel in 71 later renamed Kora. In the period i took these photo's she was sailing for Stork Line , Rotterdam-Jersey-Guernsey.She was kind of a mascotte to us at the stevedore co. how late or early she came , we always made sure we had some fellows there to work her.This was maily