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  1. Storm

    Breakwater of Scheveningen during a storm (oil painting on panel 30x24cm)
  2. Storm

    Storm WB41 - Portsmouth I presume operated by the army ?
  3. STORM

    S Marco Shipping's heavy-lifter ro-ro carrying another crane as cargo.
  4. Storm

    Ex RNLI Lifeboat Moored in Bowling basin
  5. Ida - A8XF2

    Storm force 12 of East Coast of South Africa
  6. Unfinished 3

    This one is never going to be finished. It is in oil, on a large canvas, and was begun for, but not finished in time for, my first exhibition, eighteen years ago. I believe it is the main reason for me leaving oil for Acrylics, as while trying to get the seas convincing I put on layers after layers
  7. Beluga Legislation

    And the last one for today, beluga again. Enjoy.
  8. Storrington

    Bridge view during the 12B storm on 27-02-2010
  9. Beluga Legislation

    On 27-02-2010 during NW storm 12 of Finisterre
  10. Elm

    S of Lizard Pt on 31-3-2010, heading into the storm
  11. Filadelfia

    Let's go fishing off Lands End in storm 11-12 B. 29-03-2010
  12. Filadelfia

    One more picture of fishing boat Filadellfia. It's a hard life and work too, to get for us something we call fish and chips for lunch.
  13. Filadelfia

    Watching fishing boats in such a weather i am always curious is it really the best time to go fishing? 29-03-2010 south of Wolf Rock LtH, Lands End, wind NW 11-12B
  14. AB Dublin

    Sailing with Orkan Xynthia on 27-02-2010 off Finisterre
  15. AB Dublin

    27-02-2010 sailing with Orkan Xynthia off Finistere
  16. Zawisza Czarny

    The picture has been taken by Captain Andrzej Drapella in July 1992. Zawisza Czarny has sailed from USA, were she was invited to celebrate USA 500 Years Anniversary. I met Zawisza Czarny and Captain Drapella in Cork. My ship Silver Star was lying just behind, at the same wharf. I have got permission
  17. Kielder at sea

    Few frames from just one wave story. Kielder on passage to Aviles - Feb 2007
  18. Kielder at sea

    Biscay storm
  19. Kielder at sea

    Same story, few more frames
1-20 of 42 Results