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  1. Charlesville motorboat

    From the Charlesville we transfer a stowaway to the sistership Albertville, to get him back to Tenerife.
  2. Girl stowaway

    Jeannie Day at the wheel of the Herzogin Cecilie. A young female teacher from Adelaide, who after numerous failed attempts to obtain a voyage onboard legally, stowed away for a trip in 1927-28. She was discovered two days out, and they did not pass a steamer to send her back on. The captain...
  3. Stowaway aboard King of Scandinavia 9oct2007

    King of Scandinavia 9th oct 2007
  4. stowaway

    stowaway SN on holiday with
  5. Lagos Palm

    View from ships life boat being lowered to take stowaway to the Nigeria Palm at sea.
  6. at sea

    Andoni Palm 1973 at sea, just transfered stow away from Lagos Palm to Nigeria Palm who was homeward bound, stowaway female from Liverpool
  7. Stowaway, Royal Viking Star

    Here we have one very tired sea bird. I was on the Royal Viking Star at the time and we were on our way from Rio De Janero to Tristan Da Cuna, and a Few days out of Rio this bird decided that it needed a Rest, it stayed onboard till the following day, and it didn't get charged for the trip. I...
1-7 of 7 Results