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  1. Strathaird

    P & O's Strathaird as portrayed by Charles Dixon in the December 1931 issue of Blue Peter. Possibly done before the launch.
  2. Strathaird

    Because of the lifeboat being in the welldeck forward its either Strathaird or Strathnaver. Noting the open sea I wonder if it could probably in either Melbourne or Adelaide? The wharfie with the 'Bushman's' hat lends itself to Australia. It has now been positively identified as Strathaird...
  3. SS Strathaird

    P&O SS Strathaird at Aden during UK to Australia voyage
  4. Strathaird

    STRATHAIRD 1932 22548 tgr P&O
  5. Strathaird

    Strathaird 1932 22548t builder vickers Armstrong/Barrow broken up Hong Kong 1961
  6. Strathaird

    Strathaird leaving Melbourne Sept. 1959 She was starting to feel her age at this point for there were four transmission failures before she reached Southampton. One between Sydney and Melbourne, one an hour after this photo was taken, spending the night in Port Phillip Bay, one in Bombay and...
  7. Strathaird

    Strathaird taken from Chusan in the Arabian Sea Oct 1959
  8. Strathaird 1961

    P+Os Strathaird shortly before she went to the breakers
1-8 of 8 Results