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  1. Strathmore

    Once more deserted decks
  2. Strathmore, engine room

    Built by Vickers-Armstrong for P & O, and launched on 4. April 1935. Each of her twin screws was driven by a set of trurbines with single reduction gear, designed to give her a speed of 20 knots.

    Accompanying text: "P&O Liner "Strathmore" brings six released Dutch Generals to Australia. The "Strathmore" photographed upon her arrival at Melbourne from Colombo".
  4. Strathmore

    P&O Line Painting by F. Patterson
  5. Strathmore

    P and O's Strathmore at Southampton.
  6. Strathmore

    P&O Lines
  7. Strathmore

    Strathmore passing Strathmeigle northbound / southbound in Indian ocean
  8. Strathmore

    Strathmore overtaking Strathcarrol (Aska) bound for Karachi from the Gulf c1976/77 Films were swapped in Karachi

    Model of the Pand O liner STRATHMORE in the Wheelhouse Bar onboard the SUN PRINCESS Dec 2012.
  10. Strathmore

    Possibly one of the most perfectly proportioned of all the P&O liners
  11. Strathmore

    Strathmore leaving from Hamilton Wharf, Brisbane. Date or year unknown. Photo belongs to State Library of Queensland.
  12. Strathmore

    I believe taken at Aden, with the Strathmore lying aft of Orient Line's Orion and the craft in the foreground looking to be taking passengers ashore

    Napier 28/11/1971 Jorgen Lonn negative
  14. AUCKLAND 1980

    from left to right tug Tamaki Strathmore- P and O tug Aucklander Ngahere - Union SS

    Auckland 1980 Built 1971 as Morvada for BISN. 1973 to P and O. 1975 Strathmore. 1982 Intanin. 1986 broken up Kaohsiung.
  16. strathmore model

    Recent view of Strathmore model at sea, note passengers on mid-deck port. 1/96 scale RC model which sails and performs the best of my 3 liners. Model lifeboats come from
  17. Strathmore

    The famous P&O liner at Tilbury in 1961 .
  18. Strathmore

    Builders model of Strathmore, one of 4 aboard Sun Princess. The others being Arcadia,Iberia and Strathnaver
  19. Strathmore

    23428 grt. Built Barrow 1935, Sold 1963 to Greek owners renamed Marianna Latsi then Henrietta Latsi. Broken up Spezia 1969. Photo in Colombo May 1951 Box Brownie
1-20 of 23 Results