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  1. MS Corinthian entering Hoy Sound, Orkney

    The local pilot-boat leads the luxurious but plain-looking small cruise-ship past Hoy Sound High Light, en route Stromness - Stornoway on a beautiful evening. Launched in 1990 as Renaissance Four, and re-named Clelia II in 96, Corinthian acquired her present name after an extensive refit in...
  2. Lifeboat/Coastguard exercise 4 of 4

    Lifeboat crew use hoist to bring presumably badly injured survivor inboard, and CG chopper arrives on scene with a hoist of its own to casevac the injured man. (Ah, happy memories of many a 'pleasant' hour spent dangling under RAF SAR helicopters on land and sea, at home and abroad.) The rotor...
  3. Lifeboat/Coastguard exercise 3 of 4

    Lifeboat's inflatable recovers 'survivor' from the drink. Meanwhile, survivors in rubber dinghy make sure their location is not overlooked.
  4. Lifeboat/Coastguard exercise 2 of 4

    Lifeboat crew launch and man their inflatable.
  5. Stromness lifeboat/Coastguard exercise 1 of 4

    A distress flare goes up (and down), crew of stricken vessel abandon ship, one - presumably cut off by fire - by jumping overboard, others in their 'rubber dinghy', and lifeboat responds, preparing to launch its inflatable. Exercise timed to coincide with Stromness Shopping [gala] Week. The...
  6. View over Stromness pierhead 1950s and now

    The top photo was taken from a slightly higher level, probably a 2nd floor (UK usage) window instead of the 1st floor balcony of the Stromness Hotel, and earlier on a sunnier day. Other changes include: no cement rendering on the building in the left foreground, a light grey RNLI building at the...
  7. Holland departing rainy Stromness

    A dull tele shot from my bedroom window.
  8. My mother

    I am prompted to submit this photo of my mother by the very attractive post by Hugh Ferguson of his. I hope it will be acceptable because of Mother's close association with ships and the sea, in both her early and later life. The daughter, sister, girlfriend of a sailor, my mother-to-be...
  9. A lighthouse and a zoom

    The pics show the 'ends' of the x63 optical zoom on the Sony Cybershot DSC-H400 I got yesterday from Currys, £169.99. Unfortunately today is quite dull and the camera seems to have exaggerated this a little. Reducing multi-megapixels to SN format hasn't helped. Neither has hand-holding (against...
  10. Cruise ship in the treetops.

    Hanseatic alongside the new 'renewables' pier, Stromness. Shot through my double-glazed bedroom window. (There's idle, and then there's bone idle.)
  11. Draken Harald Harfagre

    Replica Viking longship alongside Stromness, Orkney today. Said to be the largest longship ever built in modern times. Has a crew of 29.
  12. Vive la Vie at Stromness

    Private superyacht alongside Stromness North Pier today. Owner Swiss entrepreneur Willy Michel. Launched 2009. 60 metres long. Cayman Islands flag. Top photo from my bedroom window; bottom - a little closer. French name translates as Live the Life, or simply Live Life (presumably to the...
  13. Hamnavoe through floating dock

    NorthLink Ferries vessel Hamnavoe seen through superstructure of floating dock, Stromness.
  14. Tug Tregeagle

    Tregeagle and 'floating dock' still alongside NLB pier, Stromness.
  15. St Ola (I) & St Rognvald (II) at Stromness

    These ships were seldom alongside Stromness at the same time. Photo may date from the 1930s.
  16. New Stromness pier

    Pier under construction at old Copland's Dock site requires care by Helliar as she backs towards her berth. Hoy ferry Graemsay takes the chance to scoot through the shrinking gap. Helliar has been drafted in to ease the problem caused by regular Scrabster ferry Hamnavoe's absence following a...
  17. STS Pogoria

    Leaving Stromness this afternoon. Preparing to make sail, but heading into a stiff westerly.
  18. Silver Explorer et al

    Through my rain-spattered bedroom window 45 mins ago, just before the cruise ship departed Stromness on a typical summer evening, wet windy & cold.
  19. Stromness

    K28 Murray V,Green Isle,K58 Viking Monarch,K508 Norlantean II and Sunrise.
1-20 of 48 Results