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  1. Success leaving Douglas

    The 'convict ship' Success leasving Douglas Harbour, Isle of Man, under tow of the Liverpool paddle tug Pathfinder
  2. success

  3. HMAS Norman, Yarra, Success, Lady Pynryhn and ohter navy yacht

    Shot taken on: 13/03/09 Shot taken from: Bradley's Head on Sydney Harbour. HMAS Norman - Huon Class Mine Hunter HMAS Yarra - Huon Class Mine Hutner HMAS Success - Frech Navy Durance Class Underway Replemishment Vessel Lady Penrhyn - Australian Navy Yacht
  4. Success

    The fleet replishment ship Success ready to accept visitors. The fire fighting display was popular with the little kids and from the deck it was possible to see the Adeliade being destored in preparation for scuttling next year.
  5. HMAS Success

    The HMAS Success at Garden Island undergoing an extensive refit, her bow has been high out of the water since December.
  6. Success

  7. Success

1-8 of 8 Results