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  1. Shell tanker Zaphon.jpg

    The Shell tanker Zaphon in the Suez canal after she had been jumboised.

    Photo attributed to C. & G. Zangaki.
  3. Elpenor

    Blue Funnel ship Elpenor southbound in the Suez Canal, a few months after the canal had re-opened in June 1975.
  4. Suez

    This is a photo of the monument to Ferdinand de Lessups, builder of the Suez canal at the southern entrance.
  5. Table Bay

    Table Bay heading south past Suez...
  6. Suez Canal

    Johnnie Walker Sign. Suez Canal. 1978 I wonder if this sign still exists today.
  7. Suez Canal

    Suez Canal taken from the Australian Endeavour ANL 35mm Slide Mentions Ismalia Suez 1978
  8. Liner Conte Rosso

    The Italian passenger liner Conte Rosso, seen here in the Suez Canal after having passed Lake Timsah. The photograph was taken in the 1930's.
  9. Suez Canal southern entrance

    The southern entrance to the Suez Canal near the city of Suez. The column to the right belongs to the Port Tewfik Memorial, also known as the Indian War Memorial, situated at Port Tewfik. It was unveiled in May 1926 by the Imperial War Graves Commission and commemorated 4000 officers and men...
  10. Aquitania

    Aquitania departs New York in 1936. This photograph creates an optical illusion, as the Statue of Liberty appears to have hitched a ride on the liners boat deck, between the second and third funnels.
  11. Tanker in Suez Canal

    A modern motor tanker in the Suez Canal en route to Port Said, accompanied by a wing of British De Havilland Mosquito fighters-bombers. In the background we have the northern end of Lake Timsah, to the right a part of the city of Ismailia. The photograph could be taken in the final years of...
  12. SUEZ


    The southbound convoy travelling south on the Suez Canal under the Friendship Bridge 16 Nov 2008. Bridge clearance is 70m. Photo taken from the RCI cruise ship 'Legend of the Seas' which was leading the convoy.

    Containership ITAL LUNARE travelling south on the Suez Canal 16 Nov 2008. The curvature of the earth is slightly visible in the distance.

    Looking north along the Suez Canal towards Port Said with the southbound convoy approaching, 16 Nov 2008.

    Looking north along the by-pass canal, Suez Canal, 16 Nov 2008. Vessels are moored to bollards onshore while the northbound convoy passes.
  17. Suez Canal

    Suez Canal
1-19 of 33 Results