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  1. Unidentified in Suez Canal

    Unidentified in Suez Canal

    An unidentified vessel in what appear to be British India colors seen transiting the Suez Canal in a vintage postcard view. The overall appearance of the ship seems very similar to BIAS's TAROBA and TARA of 1888/1890, except that it's missing the foremast yards I'm assuming both vessels carried thr
  2. INDIA in Suez Canal

    INDIA in Suez Canal

    What is probably BISN's INIDA, or her sister GOORKHA, seen transiting the Suez Canal. INDIA may have had a larger funnel than her sister, but that is unconfirmed. Does anyone recognize which British India (probably) vessel is seen transiting the Suez Canal in this vintage postcard view. I sifted t