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  1. Suilven

    The added structure around the funnel dodn't look as though it would survive in a good storm
  2. Suilven approaching Tory Channel Entrance

    I originally posted this in B/W early in my time at SN. I was on the Aratere headd for Wellington. Tory channel is just behind the ridgeline and Suilven is approaching from the south.
  3. Suilven

    Seen at Savusavu 8/4/11, a Roro-Ferry, does anyone know her history and that is about what she might become, as the owners are not taking further bookings for her, at this stage. There was some very casual loading and unloading happening through out most of the day, Fiji style.
  4. Suilven

    Postcard of Suilven bought at collectables fair. Saw her at Wellington early 2000's. Suilven Built: 1974 Moss Rosenberg, Moss Tonnage: 1,908gt Owners: Caledonian/MacBrayne
  5. Suilven Tour 06

    clinometer or commutator found on aft bulkhead on the bridge
  6. Suilven Tour 05

    bridge with rather low deckhead
  7. Suilven Tour 04

    forward lounge in use as storage
  8. Suilven Tour 03

    vehicle dcek
  9. Approaching Tory Channel

    Ex Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Suilven in service as cargo carrier for Strait Shipping NZ.
  10. Suilven in the Cook Strait

    Suilven crossing the Cook Strait
  11. Suilven in the Cook Strait

    M.V. Suilven encountering heavy weather crossing the Cook Strait.
1-13 of 13 Results