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    date on back of photo 18/8/76 tarmac construction startup equipment and capitan E BARDENHAGEN
  2. Misty Morning

    Another photo of Sullom Voe, with the early morning haar clearing. From what I can remember, I think 'Brae' is down there somewhere. We'd often sit at layby whilst waiting for the Schiehallion to 'fill up' again. This enforced idleness wasn't part of the original plan, it was due to a good...
  3. Misty Morning

    A misty morning in Sullom Voe on the 13th November 2003. From my diary I see what sailed later that morning so I must have been up top testing the gear. 'Channel Dragon' alongside at No.2 Jetty with ourselves at No.4 (layby) jetty. Taken from the 'Loch Rannoch'.
  4. Another hard days work

    Mate of the Sullom Voe tug 'Dunter' working hard!
  5. Tug Engine

    Engines on board Sullom Voe Tug 'Shalder'
1-6 of 6 Results