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  1. Sulzer 7 RD 760 MV Mahout

    Engine room view Port side Lower Patform looking forward to contol station . Pipes with sight glasses are piston cooling water returns to tank . Note the most important item on Port side . The Insulated " Pani " ( drinking water container ) The " Tail Wahalla " would fill it with cold water and...
  2. Sulzer 7 RD 760 MV Mahout

    View of Mahout engine room middle platform Port side showing fuel pumps and all other things that go Bump ! in the night .
  3. Sulzer 7 RD 760 MV Mahout

    1966 MV Mahout view of Cylinder Heads . Two Brown Boveri Turbo blowers to Stbd and Main Air Recievers on Ford Bulkhead .
1-3 of 3 Results