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  1. Sun XXIV

    Although a small tug by shiphandling standards Sun XXIV was pretty punchy and was able to resume a long career at Southampton following her redundancy on The Thames. Built by James Pollock and Son at Faversham in 1962 she was 120 gr tons.
  2. Sun XXIV

    At Newhaven in May 1991
  3. Foxhound and Kingston

    Seen at Newhaven in the 90's. Owned by Dave Miller's Subsearch Marine. Foxhound was later renamed Foxbay. Kingston was originally Sun XXIV. Still going strong for Griffin Towage, as far as I know.

    Both tugs owned at time of photo by Alexandra Towing Ltd. Phototaken 11 June 1982at Southampton Going to meet the QE2 on her arrival back from the South Atlantic (Falklands)
1-4 of 4 Results