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sun xxvii

  1. Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII taken from mv Annette Danielsen en route up the Thames to load in West India Docks whilst on Prince Line charter in mid 1974. Was the mainmast removed and a fire monitor platform fitted in its place after Sun Tugs were aquired by Alex's in 1975 - hope one our our tugmen can answer this ?
  2. Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII

    Before disposal Sun XXVII had her monitor tower and mast removed to give her the profile of a more traditional harbour tug.
  3. Elgaren and Sun XXVII

    Elgaren and Sun XXVII

    The Ro-Ro Cargo vessel Elgaren approaching Tilbury Dock with the tug Sun XXVII at the head on the 17 Aug 1985 Gross tonnage: 38,963 tons Summer DWT: 28,173 tons Length: 216 m Beam: 32 m Draught: 8.8 m Built as Elgaren for Swedish America Line in 1979 by Mhi Nagasaki Shipyard & Engine Works , N
  4. Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII

    The tug SUN XXVII at the head of Elgaren at the entrance to the lock at Tilbury Docks on the 17 Aug 1985 Details from Built 1968 by J. Pollock and Sons Ltd., Faversham. Screw Tug. L35.44m. B8.69m. D4.04m. 226grt. 2000bhp 6cyl 4 S.C.S.A. (15" x 20") Mirrlees
  5. Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII

    Sun XXVII built 1968 226tgr


    At Gravesend,in the 80's.