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  1. Jesmar

  2. Vidal


    Photographed 1 Aug 1989 : Devonport HMS Beagle was a Bulldog class coastal survey vessel of the Royal Navy. She was originally to have been called HMS Barracouta but her name was changed to HMS Beagle in honour of the ship which carried Charles Darwin. She was built by yacht builder Brooke Marine, t

    Photographed 27 Aug 1982 at Portsmouth. Undergoing a paint job after service in the South Atlantic as an ambulance vessel. She was the first of the survey vessels to arrive back from the Falkland, having arrived on the 21 July, the same day as HMS Hermes.
  5. Polarbjørn

    Aberdeen, 01.June.06. Owned by Polar Queen AS, Norway, and described as a survey ship, though she looks better equiped than the others here.
  6. Fugro Mercator

    Aberdeen, 23.Oct.06.
  7. Fugro Discovery

    On her way out of Aberdeen, 06.June.09.
1-7 of 8 Results