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  1. Survivors


    Norwegian corvette picking up survivors in the North Atlantic. Does not seem to be much extra room in that rubber raft...
  2. Survivor(s)


    North Atlantic 1942, Norwegian corvette Potentilla picking up survivors - (if there is more than one alive in the picture?) Could be one of these incidents: 25 Aug 1942 HNoMS Potentilla (Lt.Cdr. C.A. Monsen) picks up 16 survivors from the Norwegian merchant Trolla that was torpedoed and sunk by Ger
  3. The price of Butter

    The price of Butter

    'The cost of your ration of Butter has risen again.' Survivors of a torpedoed Merchant Ship in the North Atlantic during WW2 W/C 11” X 8”
  4. Survivors, San Demetrio

    Survivors, San Demetrio

    Survivors, San Demetrio