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  1. Sussex Trader

    Sussex Trader 1947 4221t builder Laing/Deptford Yard 1954 Jannai broken up Bombay 1963 Single deck type with open shelter deck,her cargo spaces having a capacity of 440,400 cubic ft[grain] or 405,000 cubic ft[bale] Single screw is driven by a superheated triple expansion steam engine,with...
  2. HERBERT MaCAULEY, Tilbury June 1976

    HERBERT MaCAULEY Photographed in Tilbury in June 1976 (posted for bobjones in response to the request dated 13 October 2005)
  3. Sussex Trader

    Dockside at Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, on Hudson's Bay taking on grain. c.1960
  4. Sussex Trader

    Seen at Lyttelton the "Sussex Trader" later became the "Herbert Macauley" of Nigerian National Line. Floating crane "Rapaki" at left and "Port Invercargill" in the background.
1-4 of 4 Results