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  1. Svanen

    Svanen _ Liverpool bay
  2. Rhapsody of the Seas at Sydney (SCPT)

    Rhapsody seen through the rigging of Tall Ship Svanen (Southern Swan)
  3. Svanen

    Sailing ship Svanen at Circular Quay Sydney.
  4. Under sail and under the bridge

    The Southern Swan (ex Svanen) sailing on Sydney Harbour - 26th March 2011
  5. Southern Swan ex Svanen

    The Southern Swan moored in Sydney Cove prior to a charter on the harbour. This vessel was originally Danish and was built in 1922 with Danish oak frames. She was employed as a grain carrier between Denmark and Greenland for the Tuborg Beer Co. until 1969.
  6. Onboard Svanen

    Norwegian Maritime Museum's schooner Svanen outside the museum. On the left Amundsen's Gjøa, on the right the pointed building that houses the polar vessel Fram
  7. Svanen

    Forecastle on Norwegian schooner Svanen
  8. Svanen

    Svanen, one of the last tall ships left in Sydney and a participant of the 1988 First Fleet re-enactment sails past a familiar on one of her routine harbour cruises.
  9. Svanen + Anna Rogde

    A wintry Oslo with the Schooner Svanen owned by the Norwegian Maritime Museum in the foreground. The one behind must be the Anna Rogde.
  10. Svanen

    H.L.V. SVANEN pontoon imo 9007453 1991 Ballast Nedam Equip. taken at Seaview- Sunday 10-8-08 the attendant tug -not visible- SEA ALFA imo 9466271 309 tgr Sea Contractors B.V. Netherlands taken at Seaview I.O.Wight 10-8-08. link for info...
  11. Svanen

    The lovely Svanen passes the opera house on her return to her berth in Sydney.
  12. H L V Svanen

    A hat given me with my name on the back after work on the vessel when it had completed the construction of the Confereration Bridge PEI Canada
1-12 of 12 Results