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  1. Swan

    Windermere Lakes Cruises The lower Refreshment Saloon looking aft
  2. Swan

    Windermere Lakes Cruises The upper enclosed saloon looking forward
  3. Swan

    Windermere Lakes Cruises Deck scene 16th July 2015
  4. Swan

    Windermere lakes Cruises Lake Windermere western shoreline, bound south from Lakehead to Bowness-on-Windermere 16th July 2015
  5. Swan

    Windermere Lakes Cruises Yachts crossing her bows on 16th July 2015
  6. Swan

    Windermere lakes Cruises Built 1938 by Vickers, Barrow At Bowness-on-Windermere 14th July 2015
  7. SWAN LK 243

    In port of Hirtshals DK
  8. Swan

    Windermere last Autumn 2011 Cheers Frank
  9. SWAN

  10. Sign Post for going home

    Caledonian Canal.
  11. Alan Anderson

    On board the Swan at St Kilda working hard to inflate the dinghy.
  12. SWAN

    Model of steam launch SWAN onboard Queen Mary 2.

    Australian Leander built in 1970 and which became a diving wreck being sunk as such in 1997.
  14. Swans crew

    Some of th men who fished on the swan.
  15. Swan

    Swan at Lakeside,Lake Windermere 2004
  16. Swan

    Swan at Lakeside on Lake Windermere 2003
  17. Swan Diana

    Swan Diana, Kielder sister ship, has been fitted with conveyour belts similar to another company ship Swanland. Here on River Orwell outbound.
  18. Swan

    The Swan leaving Wick bay, heading south with the rest of the Moray Firth Flotilla 07.
  19. Swan

    Barry's Swan at Thurso.
  20. Swan LK.243 in Portsoy, Reaper FR.958 in the background

    Taken 30/06/07 at th Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy, the Swan is seen arriving in Portsoy, and the Reaper is already moored and full of visitors.
1-20 of 23 Results