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  1. Lysekil, Sweden

    Loading plank in the Swedish port of Lysekil. In the background a Scania Vabis. Photo by Fredh, Terje
  2. Munkedal, Sweden

    Lively activity in Munkedal, in the foreground a steamer unloading coal Photography by Sahlberg, Selma (1883 - 1972)
  3. Kungshamn, Sweden

    Loading granite sometime between 1890 and 1906 in Sandbogen by Kungshamn
  4. Lysekil, Sweden

    Ship Gedynia of Goteborg at rötö wharf.1950.10.19" And, no, there was no ship named Gedynia. looking the ship up in my book on Swedish Lloyd, I find the name spelled as the Polish town usually is, Motorship Gdynia built 1934 at Malmø, 2665 DW.

  6. Stena Carisma

    Seen outside the harbour of Gotenburg. Picture taken from "Stena Scandinavica"
  7. Stena Jutlandica, rear

    Seen leaving Gotenburg. The rear looks strange as there is an open car deck. Picture taken from "Stena Scandinavica"
  8. Stena Jutlandica

    Seen leaving the harbour of Gotenburg on 04-07-2011. Picture taken from "Stena Scandinavica" on wich I was travelling from Kiel (Germany) to Gotenburg
  9. M/F Regula

    Route: Helsingborg (Sweden) - Helsingsor (Denmark).
  10. Artensis

    M/S Artensis was build by Ekensbergs Varv Ab. Sweden in 1959 for the Norwegian owner A/S Acadia. All additional information is welcome.
  11. VASA (6)

    One of many skelletons from the Vasa,possibly one of the crew, this one they have named David it could be his real name?
  12. VASA (5)

    The Vasa's preserved stern to the bow.
  13. VASA (4)

    The Vasa's preserved bow to the stern.
  14. VASA (3)

    The type of carvings that the Vasa would have and how they would have looked on the ship on its maiden voyage on that day 10th August 1628 when it sank.These have been reproduced from what was found when it was raised 333 years later in 1961.
  15. VASA (2)

    A model section showing a cut out section of the Vasa's extra gun deck also how little ballast it had onboard for the extra weight of the deck.
  16. Malmø, Sweden

    Postcard of the port of Malmø, Sweden
  17. C.T. STAR

    At Pitea Northern Sweden
  18. C.T. STAR

    At Stennungsund, Sweden
  19. Starke at Kockums, Sweden

    The rebuilt Starke at the Kockums yard in 1950 From a magazine in my collection dated to 1950.
  20. NORDEN

    Bunker tanker NORDEN departure Brofjorden Terminals 6/10 2008. IMO number : 9346641 Call Sign : SJQF Gross tonnage : 1925 Type of ship : Oil Products Tanker Year of build : 2006 Flag : Sweden
1-20 of 28 Results