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  2. Astrid

    Swedish purse-netter Astrid carrying out some net repairs Lerwick 09 Sept 2011
  3. Tor-on

    Swedish trawler Tor-on landing mackerel at Shetland Catch 17 Sept 2011. Nice looking trawlers these two (Torland alongside as well)
  4. M/F Regula

    Route: Helsingborg (Sweden) - Helsingsor (Denmark).
  5. GG 517 Kenty

    Swedish trawler GG 517 "Kenty" in Hanstholm (DK) last year.
  6. GG 59 "Sette Marie"

    "Sette Marie" in the Skagen (DK) some years ago. Former UK purse seiner.
  7. "Atlantic"

    Swedish prawntrawler "Atlantic" on the slipp in Skagen(DK) af few years back. This vessel was built in UK.
  8. GG 812 "Veroncia"

    Swedish trawler "Veronica" in Skagen (DK) a few years back.
  9. GG 912

    Swedish trawler entering Hirtshals (DK) a few years back.
  10. M/S Peru

    Johnson line 1939-??? No Info.
1-10 of 10 Results