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  1. Pacific Makassar wheelhouse

    The wheel house of the only British built vessel of this class. The other 3,Celebes,Flores and Java were built in Finland.
  2. Pacific Makassar

    Wheelhouse of Pacific Makassar .
  3. Pacific Makassar

    Swire Shipping's Pacific Makassar in Melbourne.Originally built at Swan Hunter as Hoegh Duke,the Hoegh insignia can just be seen in this photo.
  4. Bigorange XI

    The Dowell-Schlumberger well stimulaton vessel 'Bigorange XI' - 1981. Owned and managed by Swire Pacific Offshore - Hong Kong.

    Multi pupose vessel on the NZ OZ Trade. I wish I had a quid for the number of name changes on her
1-5 of 5 Results