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  1. Sygna


    SYGNA 1967 30503 tgr Mowinkels-Nor blt Austin & Pickersgill wrecked Stockton Beach Newcastle N.S.W. 25-5-74 bow b/up at Kaohsiungh 26-2-76 unknown dramatic shot . suggestions welcome
  2. Sygna  Stockton Beach after salvage attempt

    Sygna Stockton Beach after salvage attempt

    I went to take this photo after the stern section went aground the second time. It was a couple of years later and resulted in from the fact that the Australian tugs involved changing their mind from being paid a set fee to wanting part of the salvage fees because originally they thought it was impo
  3. Sygna


    This is what was left of the stern section of the Sygna in 2001 and I hope it complements the excellent series of photos that depict the grounding and partial salvage of this unfortunate ship. In 2003 the Central NSW coastline and much of Sydney was battered by another storm (but of less intensity t
  4. SYGNA


    As she is today