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    Cunard's CARINTHIA, isn't she? And two Moran tugs in her neighborhood.
  2. Albatros

    Phoenix-Reisen's Albatros ex Dawn Princess, ex Sylvania sailing from Southampton. The yacht in the foreground is Blue Bird and was once owned by speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell.
  3. Dawn Princess

    Originally Cunard Line's Sylvania and then Sitmar Line's Fairwind. At anchor off Monaco during her first months under P&O ownership, after they had absorbed (obliterated) Sitmar and rebranded the ships under the Princess Cruises banner.
  4. Sylvania

    The Sylvania is seen making a nighttime arrival in Montreal in the late, 1950’s.
  5. Sylvania

    Another view of the Sylvania arriving in Montreal on her Maiden Voyage in June, 1957.
  6. Sylvania

    The new Sylvania completes the first leg of her Maiden Voyage as she arrives in Montreal in June, 1957. She’s just past beneath the Jacques Cartier Bridge seen in the background.
  7. Sylvania

    The Cunard Liner Sylvania arrives in New York on 29 November, 1960.
  8. Luxury Liner Row

    The luxury liners Independence, America, United States, Olympia, the American aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid, and the liners Queen Elizabeth, Mauretania, and Sylvania, are all shown in New York in the summer of 1961.
  9. Sylvania

    Almost afloat on a sea of red flowers Cunard's Sylvania graces the harbour at Funchal, Madeira
  10. RMS Sylvania

    Breakfast Menu 4th July 1960
  11. RMS Sylvania

    Dinner Menu 4th July 1960
  12. Sylvania

    With her famous fleetmate at New York in 1961 .
  13. Sylvania

    Another pic from a 'cut up brochure'. One of the Cunard ships. No idea when taken of course. Thanks to discussions, looks like it is the Sylvania.
1-14 of 14 Results