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    Launching of MV TABORA at Deutsche Werft/ Hamburg on 25/03/1965. The vessel was ordered by Deutsche Afrika Linie (DAL), Hamburg.
  2. Tabora

    German cargo liner TABORA, imo 6511659/ 155,9m/ 18kn; 07/1965 completed by Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg; for DAL-Deutsche Afrika Linien GmbH, Hamburg; 1971 TABORA, Cape Continent Shipping Co., Pty, Ltd, Cape Town; 1974 ARTICO, Cia. Naviera Marasia SA., Barcelona; 1983 MERCHANT PROVIDENCE, Cenargo...
  3. Tabora

    - discharging asphalt in Providence,RI, 9-22-05
  4. Tabora

    - discharging asphalt in Providence,RI, 9-22-05, stern. She is the former Italian tanker Elba Lolli Ghetti, she is the only sister remaining in trade.
1-4 of 4 Results