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  1. Taisei Maru

    4944 Taisei Maru, Kobe, Japan. 29042013
  2. Taisei Maru

    Cadet training ship Taisei Maru. Operated by Japanese National Institute for Sea Training and registered at Tokyo. Built 1981 by Tsurumi Shipyard N.K.K.. 5,887 GRT, Loa 124.84 m. Main engine steam turbine by builders 5,148 KW giving cruising speed of 18 kts. Total compliment 214 persons...
  3. Taisei Maru

    IMO No: 7924920 Shot taken on: 06/02/95 Seen here in Sullivans Cove in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Not sure if she is coming or going. Shot taken by: Rex Cox, President of the Hobart Branch of the WSS and posted with his permisson.
  4. Taisei Maru

    Japanese training vessel
  5. Taisei Maru

    The Japanese seamanship training vessel seen here berthed at Elizabeth St Pier in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
1-5 of 5 Results