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  1. MV Blackrock.

    MV Blackrock.

    Original w/c painting of the tanker MV BLACKROCK, built by Cochrane Shipbuilders as No 155 at Selby in 1989 for Bowker and King Ltd, eventually becoming part of the Crescent Navigation fleet.
  2. Nordic Commander

    Nordic Commander

    Engine control room Nordic Commander 1976.
  3. Nordic Commander Bridge

    Nordic Commander Bridge

    Bridge on Nordic Commander 1976. These black and white Nordic Commander photos were taken by me on 35mm Ilford FP4 or HP4 film and developed by me in the darkroom on board the ship. I made the scans with my high resolution slide and negative scanner and reduced them to fit on the web site. Some of t
  4. Tanker - Hafnia Mikala

    Tanker - Hafnia Mikala

    Leaving Port of Brisbane - 30th September 2019 1356hrs. Photo taken from above Kings Beach, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia.
  5. Heibi Innovator

    Heibi Innovator

    Model of Hosco's Heibi Innovator in the HongKong maritime museum.


    Berthed at Turia Sur quay, Valencia Port on 09/07/2007. IMO 8007121 Call Sign : V7IT6 Gross tonnage : 2.804, DWT : 3.643, LDT : 1.875 Year of build : 1980 Flag : Marshall Islands Dimensions : 97,80 x 13,75 x 5,78 m Liquid Capacity : 3.639 m³, Cargo Pumps : 3 x 370 m³/hr Main engine : MaK 6M453AK _


    Berthed at Xità quay, Valencia Port on 23/07/2010. IMO 9015345 Call Sign : ELXI4 MMSI : 636011168 Gross tonnage : 25.880, DWT : 45.691, LDT : 8.259 Year of build : 1992 Flag : Liberia Dimensions : 181,00 x 30,00 x 12,52 m Liquid capacity : 47.260 m³, Cargo Pumps : 4 x 1.250 m³/hr Main engine : B&W
  8. Calgarolite Tanker Captain, George P. Elliott

    Calgarolite Tanker Captain, George P. Elliott

    My grandfather, George P. Elliott, was a captain of the Imperial oil tanker, Calgarolite. It was hit and sunk by a u-boat in 1942. He was not on it. I just found these photos in an old album of my father's.
  9. Valmiera


    What I can make out is BAAMKEPA or 8AAMKEPA. As usual all help appreciated.
  10. m/t "ZALIV AMERIKA"


    Pacific ocean.
  11. m/t "ZALIV AMERIKA"


    Pacific. Second voyage. Honolulu - Korea.
  12. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Last view.
  13. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

  14. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Piraes. Greece. Deck team hold rope from bunker barge.
  15. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Gulf of Aden. Piracy watch.
  16. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Antipiracy barrier
  17. m/t "Governor Farkhutdinov"

    m/t "Governor Farkhutdinov"

    Cargo deck
  18. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Near Somalia
  19. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    His name is Vasia...
  20. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"