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  1. Endurance

    Endurance entering Brisbane. Looking very scruffy. Built as Taronga for Wilhelmsen AS in 1969, sold to ACA in 2009. As is the re flagged Maersk fleet to the US, these ships are very neglected, in reserve until needed.
  2. Taronga

    Wilhelm Wilhelmsen. Built 1934, Odense 7,003 gt, 505 foot x 61 foot, 16 knots, 12 Passengers Delivered 5 May 1934. 15 August 1940 seized by Germany and transferred to Kreigsmarine - renamed Sperrbrecker 15 Recovered at Hamburg May 1945 reconditioned and re-entered Wilhelmsen service...
  3. Taronga arr. Auckland

    Taronga arriving Auckland, 14.12.2002. Taken from the Devonport wharf. Taronga Built: 1996 Tonnage: 54,826gt Owners: Wallensius Wilhelmsen 2003: Rebuilt, 72,708gt.
  4. Taronga

    Sailing out of Sydney, 6th October 2006.
  5. Taronga

    Sailing out of Sydney, 6th October 2006.
  6. Taronga

    Berthed at Darling Harbour in Sydney, 5th October 2006.
  7. Taronga

1-7 of 7 Results