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  1. Tattershall Castle

    Tattershall Castle London 29 June 2007
  2. Humber ferries

    Humber ferries, possibly Tattershall Castle and Wingfield Castle, leaving and arriving New Holland pier, plying their trade between New Holland and Hull. There had been steam powered ferries linking the north and south banks of the Humber since 1814 right up to 1978 when the last steamer the...
  3. Tattershall Castle

    Well do***ented vessel in this forum. Photographed July 2006 from the London Eye. Not sure if I've got the right category here?
  4. Tattershall Castle

    The wheelhouse/bridge of the Tattershall Castle castle after a refit in 2004. She is now a floating pub on the River Thames. Comments welcome
  5. Tattershall Castle

    Tattershall Castle built 1934 by William Gray & Company of West Hartlepool, for the London and North Eastern Railway Company (LNER), later amalgamated into British Rail. For use as a passenger ferry on the River Humber, operating between Hull and New Holland, The Tattershall Castle was...
1-5 of 5 Results