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  1. Taupo NZS

    Marine art -
  2. Taupo

    New Zealand Line's Taupo is seen in London's Royal Albert Dock in 1971. Built 1966 she was 10,983 gr tons. A very handsome ship by all measures I suppose it could be said that all previous freighter designs led up to these ultimate beauties before the world changed.
  3. Taupo

    Spot the w-anchor! Taupo in dry-dock at Singapore, Feb/March 1980 prior to it's last run for P and O. We had taken it out of lay-up in Dubai; dry-dock in Singapore then to Bluff NZ for a full load of frozen lamb. Then to Pitcairn Island, Panama canal and discharge at Avonmouth. Sold whilst at...
  4. Taupo.

    The Magic Roundabout bar on MV Taupo, 1980. Me and Kath (wife of one of the Engineers, may have been the guy behind the bar; can't remember now!).
  5. TAUPO

    NZ 1966 NZS postcard - publicity shot no copyright indicated
  6. TAUPO

    MV Taupo leaving Capetoen late 1960's. Beautiful B and W print. Built 1966 by Bartram for NZS with FSN funnel. 1969 to Federal SN ownership. 1971 transferred to P and O General Cargo Division. 1973 to P and O ownership. 1980 to Austasia Line renamed Mandama. 1984 Broken up Kaohsiung.
  7. Taupo

    Taupo Built: 1966 Bartram and Sons, South Dock, Sunderland Tonnage: 10,983grt Owners: NZ Shipping Co 1966: Completed in Federal SN colours, with new green hull. 1971: Transferred to P and O's General Cargo Division, still owned by NZSCo 1973: P and O owners 1979: Transferred to Strick...
  8. Taupo arr. Auckland

    Taupo arriving Auckland--maiden voyage perhaps? Passing Bean Rock lighthouse. Taupo Built: 1966 Bartram, South Dock Tonnage: 10,983grt Owners: New Zealand Shipping Co 1980: Mandama(Austasia) 1984: Broken up Chittagong.
  9. Taupo

    Taupo in Hobart in November 1969.
  10. Taupo

    Federal Lines 'Taupo'.swinging in Victoria Dock, Melbourne, before sailing down theYarra and away. Almost the end of the era, just look at the empty berths! I remember the Dock being full woth 24 ships and many more waiting in the bay for a vacant berth.
1-10 of 10 Results