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    Malacca Straits 1960's Keith Wood negative-photo by Captain Foxley-Airfoto
  2. Teakbank (charter)

    Teakbank--one of several charters to Bank Line in the 1980's Built: 1976 Neptun VEB, Rostock Tonnage: 9,019gt Owners: Hans Kruger, GmbH, Hamburg 1976: Built as Hans Kruger 1979: Teakbank 1979: Erato 1981: Elma Cuatro 1982: Erato 1983: Erato II 1991: CMB Emerald 1992: Erato II 1995...
  3. Teakbank

    Teakbank Built: 1958 Wm Doxford and Sons, Sunderland, Pallion Yard Tonnage: 8,313grt Owners: Bank Line Ltd 1975: Newton 1979: Broken up, Calcutta.
  4. Teakbank

    Teakbank at Lyttelton.
  5. Teakbank

    Bank Line cargo ship
  6. Teakbank

    The "Teakbank" discharging either phosphate or sulphur at Lyttelton. Other ships are the "City of Brisbane"and "Kaimai".
1-6 of 6 Results