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ted noffs

  1. Ted Noffs

    Ted Noffs

    One of the fire fighting tugs stationed in Sydney Harbour.
  2. Ted Noffs waterworks

    Ted Noffs waterworks

    The Ted Noffs laid on a spectacular water salute as it guided the Doulos out of Sydney harbour for the final time.
  3. Ted Noffs rainbow

    Ted Noffs rainbow

    One of Sydneys fire and rescue tugs, Ted Noffs gave a wet salute to QV and QE2 during there meeting on 24-2-08
  4. Ted Noffs

    Ted Noffs

    The Ted Noffs put on a water salute for the departing Queen Victoria and with the prevailing weather conditions we were lucky to even get a light show!
  5. Ted Noffs

    Ted Noffs

    The Sydney Harbour Tug Ted Noffs filmed last week when the Oceanic II was docked nearby. Any details about the tug - and the name would be appreciated.