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  1. Containerships VIII

    Container ship Containerships VIII leaving the Tees
  2. Sarpen

    Tanker Sarpen leaving the Tees
  3. Liselotte Essberger

    Tanker Liselotte Esberger leaving the Tees
  4. Grietje

    Heavy lift vessel Grietje entering the Tees
  5. City of Paris

    City of Paris, outbound, Tees
  6. Norsky

    Norsky, inbound, Tees
  7. Empress

    Empress berthed on Tees
  8. Marianne

    Marianne, leaving the Tees.
  9. Bit Oktania

    Bit Oktania entering the Tees
  10. Stella Polaris

    Stella Polaris entering the Tees
  11. Doris

    Doris entering the Tees
  12. Cimbria

    Cimbria entering the Tees
  13. Cormilan

    Tug Cormilan departing the Tees
  14. Norsky

    Norsky, inbound, Tees
  15. Heortnesse

    Heortness, inbound, Tees
  16. Fiery Cross

    Fiery Cross, inbound, Tees
  17. European Trader

    European Trader, inbound, Tees in misty conditions
  18. Clipper Bourgogne

    Clipper Bourgogne, outbound, Tees
  19. Caroline Wosild

    Caroline Wonsild outbound, Tees, 15th March 2011
  20. Aila and AS Frisia

    Aila and AS Frisia passing in the mouth of the Tees, 10th February 2011
1-20 of 36 Results