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  1. MV EID

    1960 LAGA 1871T. 1964 EID 1870T , Reg Owner: Chemical Trader (Bahamas) Ltd. Port: GBR LONDON 1978 Owner: Oswego Operations V Group Liberia. Port: LBR Monrovia 1981 EID Ethyl Corporation 9/1/1981 arrived Houston 31/3/1981 left Houston 1/4/1981 Disposal Data: Scuttled off Houston 1.4.81
  2. MV EID

    Despite appearances, she was a Chemical Tanker, converted 1964 from general cargo to Chemical Tanker, (but retaining cargo gear), carrying Tetraethyl Lead, 1870gt/2217dw]. 1981 EID Ethyl Corporation 9/1/81 Arrived Houston. 31/3/1981 left Houston. 1/4/1981 Disposal Data: Scuttled off Houston.
1-2 of 2 Results