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  1. Christmas Day in the Atlantic.

    Somewhere in the distance was a ship with an engineroom fire which we were standing by. It was uncomfortable for us but not as bad as for them. Fortunately they got it in control and we were all very relieved no one had to be in lifeboats that day.
  2. Blue Funnel

    Taikoo dry dock, Hong Kong after a good cleaning.
  3. Deck cricket

    Entering into the sunshine after a winter crossing of the Atlantic from New York to Alexandria.
  4. Blue Funnel

    My diary says we left Shimizu on Friday15th May 1964 before crossing the Pacific so I suppose this is when it was taken. Mt. Fuji can just be seen in the haze.
  5. Blue Funnel

    The 2nd mate was a RNVR Submarine man so he was entitled to wear the unusual MN headgear.
  6. Blue Funnel

    General picture from accommodation of pre-container dock work. The steverdores didn't use the winch controllers in the States. Just slammed them forward or reverse and rode the foot brake. Hence much relining of asbestos pads when at sea after hours of standby down the Mississippi
  7. Telamon

    Telamon crossing the Pacific from Japan to Panama on one of many sunny days

    British cargo liner TELAMON, imo 5354523/ 146m/ 8.922gt/ 17kn; 30/06/1950 launched by Joseph L. Thompson & Sons, Sunderland, as SILVERLAUREL for Silver Line, Ltd, London; 12/1950 completed as TEUCER for Nederlanddsche Stoomvaart Maatschappij “Oceaan”, (NMSO), Amsterdam; 1960 transferred to China...
1-8 of 8 Results