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texaco london glasgow



    An advert for the Blythswood Yard in Glasgow featuring the new fore section built in 1961 for the former T2 tanker TEXACO LONDON built as ESSO UTICA in 1943 and which was attached in the Elderslie Drydocks.
  2. TEXACO LONDON old forepart

    TEXACO LONDON old forepart

    I think this is the old forward section being removed and which was scrapped.
  3. TEXACO LONDON afterpart

    TEXACO LONDON afterpart

    Her after part waiting for the new section. She became TEXACO COCLE in 1976 and POLARIS 1 and grounded at Brownsville being broken up there in July 1977. At Stobcross Quay her original accommodation was restored. Hasse Neren beat me to that pic!!!