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  1. Thalassa

    Sailing ship Thalassa leaving Craighouse, Jura. For information on this vessel, see:-
  2. Thalassa alongside, Stromness

    Netherlands barquentine Thalassa, Stromness, Orkney,21 May 2012. Just 4 yards on the foremast here - which makes her look rather like a tops'l schooner - but she can carry more.
  3. Thalassa

    In Bangor Co. Down for the Maritime Weekend 13/14thJune.
  4. Thalassa

    The Dutch owned Thalassa, 499 tons gross. Seen at Bristol 10 February 1963 with a cargo of Road Salt from Ibiza, imported for the prolonged cold winter of 1962/3.

    Seen off Copenhagen 1986.
1-6 of 6 Results