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  1. Thamesfield


    At Port Alberni, Canada
  2. Deck Apprentice

    Deck Apprentice

    Dave Millings, Deck Apprentice on Thamesfield 1972 at Durban
  3. Thamesfield yet again 2nd or 3rd mate

    Thamesfield yet again 2nd or 3rd mate

    Graham Rosie--2nd or 3rd mate on Thamesfield in 1975
  4. and again Thamesfield

    and again Thamesfield

    Thamesfield going through Panama in 1975 PDM--"Chunky" Marshall 3/E enjoying a can of "T"
  5. Thamesfield yet again

    Thamesfield yet again

    Billy Walton and Jack Wild by the "pool" 1972
  6. Back from ashore

    Back from ashore

    Thamesfield again in Venezuela in 1975 with 2 of the junior engineers heading back onboard
  7. Thamesfield at Durban

    Thamesfield at Durban

    William Walton app. eng, Dave Woodcock J/E, Ian Campbell 4/E and Jeff ? Elec on Thamesfield at Durban in late 1972
  8. Thamesfield (2) funnel

    Thamesfield (2) funnel

    Thamesfield passing oilwells in Venezuela area (?) I think in early 70's
  9. THAMESFIELD at Singapore

    THAMESFIELD at Singapore

    Taken in Aug 1970.Another Newcastle UK Company. Haven't yet found any of Hunting's on this site yet so thought I would post this. Built 1959 and 32,300dwt.