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  1. Thamesfield

    At Port Alberni, Canada
  2. Deck Apprentice

    Dave Millings, Deck Apprentice on Thamesfield 1972 at Durban
  3. Thamesfield yet again 2nd or 3rd mate

    Graham Rosie--2nd or 3rd mate on Thamesfield in 1975
  4. and again Thamesfield

    Thamesfield going through Panama in 1975 PDM--"Chunky" Marshall 3/E enjoying a can of "T"
  5. Back from ashore

    Thamesfield again in Venezuela in 1975 with 2 of the junior engineers heading back onboard
  6. Thamesfield at Durban

    William Walton app. eng, Dave Woodcock J/E, Ian Campbell 4/E and Jeff ? Elec on Thamesfield at Durban in late 1972
  7. Thamesfield (2) funnel

    Thamesfield passing oilwells in Venezuela area (?) I think in early 70's
  8. THAMESFIELD at Singapore

    Taken in Aug 1970.Another Newcastle UK Company. Haven't yet found any of Hunting's on this site yet so thought I would post this. Built 1959 and 32,300dwt.
1-9 of 9 Results