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  1. Tilbury


    River Thames at Tilbury by W.L. Wylie
  2. Sagafjord


    Sagafjord alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage in a rain storm.
  3. Gripsholm


    Formerly Sagafjord, alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage.
  4. Gripsholm


    Gripsholm in name but Sagafjord in reality. The brief period after Cunard had disposed of the ship when she sailed for Transocean and prior to becoming Saga Rose. A most unfortunate livery, which would not have suited any ship.
  5. Europa


    The beautiful former Kungsholm as the Hapag flagship Europa. Whilst I did not dislike this livery she certainly looked better in the sober NDL colours.
  6. Vistafjord


    Long ago, when she was virtually still a new ship. Departing from Tilbury.
  7. Gripsholm


    Gripsholm was, possibly, even more beautiful than Kungsholm.....??
  8. Gripsholm


    Gripsholm on her final visit to London, she was on a long cruise from New York but the days of Swedish American Line were soon to end, sadly.
  9. Sagafjord


    Alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage during one of her long Northern Europe cruises from New York.
  10. Tilbury


    The Ashperon passing Royal Viking Sun, which is alongside the landing stage, on 11th August 1991
  11. Tilbury Docks 1962

    Tilbury Docks 1962

    The P&O Liners Strathmore and Iberia are seen tied up in Tilbury Docks in 1962. The view from the new lock gives an indication of the massive expanse of water available to shipping and which enabled the further expansion to take place.
  12. Michelangelo


    Michelangelo alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage during her one and only cruise to northern Europe.
  13. Michelangelo


    Michelangelo alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage on 2 August 1974.
  14. Royal Viking Sun

    Royal Viking Sun

    Royal Viking Line's Royal Viking Sun departing from the Tilbury Landing Stage. I cannot remember the date when I took this photograph.
  15. Tilbury


    Himalaya, Orcades and, with her funnels just visible, Queen of the South, in Tilbury Docks
  16. Baltika


    The Soviet ship is part of a film set on Tilbury's Landing stage...note a member of the cast on the right! Does anyone recall the name of the film...?
  17. Australian Venture

    Australian Venture

    Australian Venture passing Tilbury...
  18. Tilbury


    Barber Hector passing Pacific Princess at Tilbury...
  19. Regina Magna in the Thames

    Regina Magna in the Thames

    Regina Magna moving from mid-river to come alongside the Landing Stage at Tilbury on 31st August 1973.
  20. Gravesend


    Waiting for the last Gravesend to Tilbury ferry. taken on the walkway to gravesend Pier, on the 28th Sept 2011