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  1. Sunday at Timaru, Cedric 1966

    The R/O 'John Finbar Fogarty' taking in the view.
  2. Timaru party time

    Peter Lorimar in a good mood
  3. Timaru

    Wharves and shipping at Timaru, c. early 1900's.
  4. Timaru

    A good spread of well-known funnels at Timaru, early 1900's?
  5. Tongariro (II)

    Postcard of Tongariro and Delphic at Timaru, pre 1906(when Tongariro's yards were removed).
  6. Timaru,NZ

    No 1 wharf and all-weather meat loader at Timaru, NZ. Ship looks like Gladstone Star?
  7. Timaru NZ

    Another hard day at the office.
  8. Timaru Sunrise

    Sunrise in Timaru 1983. Almeria Star
1-8 of 8 Results