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  1. Sunday at Timaru, Cedric 1966

    Sunday at Timaru, Cedric 1966

    The R/O 'John Finbar Fogarty' taking in the view.
  2. Timaru party time

    Timaru party time

    Peter Lorimar in a good mood
  3. Timaru


    Wharves and shipping at Timaru, c. early 1900's.
  4. Timaru


    A good spread of well-known funnels at Timaru, early 1900's?
  5. Tongariro (II)

    Tongariro (II)

    Postcard of Tongariro and Delphic at Timaru, pre 1906(when Tongariro's yards were removed).
  6. Timaru,NZ


    No 1 wharf and all-weather meat loader at Timaru, NZ. Ship looks like Gladstone Star?
  7. Timaru NZ

    Timaru NZ

    Another hard day at the office.
  8. Timaru Sunrise

    Timaru Sunrise

    Sunrise in Timaru 1983. Almeria Star