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  1. The Radio Room
    How about if it wasn't an iceberg that sunk TITANIC? Solar Flare anyone? Even Popular Mechanics is going the conspiracy route these days. The theory is that a severe geomagnetic storm caused compass error and problems with communications. Unfortunately, Titanic/MGY wasn't having problems...
  2. My Revell 1/600 Titanic model

    This is the new Revell 1:600 model of the RMS Titanic. Cost us about $45 with shipping on eBay. It's designed as a 'press-fit' kit with per-colored pieces but we opted to use glue on ours. We also painted the lifeboats, cargo hatches and propellers. Otherwise it's as supplied. Revell's...

    Titanic steaming down the Solent after leaving Southampton on Wednesday April 10th 1912.

    12 April 1912 30 x 20 inches. Acrylic on cotton canvas. Painted in 1985.... 33 years ago. Must do another.
  5. Titanic

    Titanic leaves Belfast to begin her sea trials. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but the enclosed promenade on A deck has indeed been completed. Mr. Kempster took a few more shots of the ship as she headed downriver, but he never left the yard to take any additional pictures of the ship...
  6. Titanic Launch

    This shot and the next, are two more views from the John W. Kempster Album. This one provides a rare bow view of Titanic as she was being launched. It’s the only view of the ship seen from under the Gantry during her launch. It’s amazing today to see just how close the crowd of spectators was...
  7. Titanic painting

    Lemme straighten that for you... From...

    R.M.S. Titanic depart to Southampton. In maiden voyage. The Super ship of the White Star Line. 1912. The flag ship of and era. The golden age of the ocean liners. My eternal and dream perfect Ship.
  9. titanic mural east belfast

    titanic mural east Belfast took this last week when I was visiting Belfast last week. thought yous would all like it as a lot of menbers on this site like my posts. david.
  10. Convergence of the Twain

    By chance of time and place RMS Titanic is reaching the point where she will become the most famous ship in western history.
  11. All ashore that's going ashore!

    Supposedly the last view of Titanic's interior as the crew shuts the embarkation doors...
  12. Titanic

    Titanic Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne 28 June 2014
  13. Newsboy Ned Parfett

    One of the most memorable images of the Titanic disaster, as well as one of the earliest photo icons of the 20th Century, is this picture taken on 16 April, 1912. The picture captured a young newsboy outside the White Star Line Offices at Oceanic House in Cockspur Street, London, S.W., holding...
  14. Titanic

    This is one of more than a dozen previously unpublished photographs of the Titanic which were taken by John W Kempster who was a managing director of the Electrical Department at Harland and Wolff in the early 1900’s. He had these pictures, along with more than 100 others, in a photo album that...
  15. Titanic

    Titanic - model entirely of chocolate Fassbender and Rausch Chocolate shop in Berlin 21 July 2012
  16. Rescued lifeboats from the Titanic, New York, 1912

    It is believed the photographer added the signage "R M S Titanic" to the photograph. It seems the lifeboats had quite small signage "RMS Titanic" with the white star line logo (flag) underneath, all painted on the white planking. You can just make it out in the photograph above.
  17. Carpathia

    This is a rare view of the Cunard Liner Carpathia, seen docked at Liverpool in early 1913, following her annual overhaul. This was the ship’s first return to her home port following her rescue of Titanic passengers and crew from the Atlantic in April 1912. The action she took that night may...
  18. Replica Titanic Anchor at Netherton

    Replica Titanic Anchor at Netherton, made for Channel 4 series
1-20 of 88 Results